Auto Glass Replacement-Tips To Prevent Vandalism


Auto Glass Replacement-Tips To Prevent Vandalism

Vehicle owners spend days or even months to get hold of a good insurance policy. They even try their level best to stay safe on the road hoping to increase their no-claim discounts. However, your alertness when driving is not going to decrease the chances of your vehicle getting vandalized. Follow these guidelines and avoid the unwanted expense of auto glass replacement.

  1. Lock it inside

If your home has a garage, get rid of some of the old trash and park your car inside. Vandals in general just want to give a bit of trouble. They won’t approach a vehicle that is locked inside a home. That will mean they will have to take extra effort. No careful thief will risk the chance of getting caught red-handed when stealing or vandalizing something.

  1. Use your driveway

If you have a driveway, make use of it. This too is a good deterrent for a vandal. No one is going to approach a vehicle that is parked close to a home. It will work wonders if you can keep the area well-lit.

  1. Avoid driving at night

If possible, avoid running errands in the dark. Doing this offers an easy chance for the criminal to get into your car as a surprise visitor. If it is a must, take care to park your car in a well-lit area near the store. Vandals often hide in a row of vehicle to avoid being seen. Don’t be an easy victim.

  1. Hide your valuables

The advice may appear common knowledge. A majority of drivers simply ignore this. Don’t keep your valuables in your car. If at all it is a must, take care to hide it somewhere.

  1. Get a car cover

A cover that spread over an entire car may appear expensive. But, its cost is less than a security system.  No vandal would want to take the effort to lift the cover to vandalize your car. That will require extra time and effort. As you know, thieves always go for easy targets.

  1. Get acquainted with your neighbors

Police often say that people simply ignore certain instances of cars or other vehicles being vandalized. Make sure that you are not forced to suffer this kind of non-cooperation from those around you. Be friendly with your neighbors and help them in tough times as much as you can. Friends will definitely contact you when they see mischief in your driveway.

  1. Install a camera; avoid auto glass replacement

Buy a good-quality video camera and install it on your vehicle. It is not a good idea to cause trouble for those trying just to admire the model. Make sure that it becomes alert only when someone touches your vehicle. Installing motion sensor lights too is a great deterrent. If possible, have the brightest light you can afford at the outside. This will make mischief-makers feel that they are standing in the open when near your vehicle.

Damages may happen even with your best efforts due to winter or other climatic troubles. If the crack is wide, don’t think twice; go for auto glass replacement.

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