Cancer asbestos mesothelioma

Factors Determining Prognosis of Cancer Asbestos Mesothelioma

Cancer asbestos mesothelioma

Cancer asbestos mesothelioma is one of the deadly diseases that one can get in the workplace. Exposure to asbestos in workplaces has been regulated by the government. Some of the companies with known asbestos use are forced to close because of bankruptcy knowing the number of workers they have to pay. But though these companies have been closed and were continually paying, the damage can never be reversed.

Cancer asbestos mesothelioma is said to be diagnosed at its early stage. This is because its symptoms are suggestive of other conditions that no one would actually suspect the presence of cancer at first. Since this is the case, the prognosis is actually poor. There are other factors involved which determine the actual prognosis.

Location of the Affected Part

The location where cancer has developed tells a lot of the prognosis or the outcome of the disease. Pleural cancer asbestos mesothelioma is said to be the most treatable type of this cancer. This is because of the fact that the cancer cells multiply on the pleural sac which can just be scraped off the outer lung linings.

Pericardial mesothelioma on the other hand is said to be the most difficult one to treat. This is because the membrane lies close to a vital organ which is the heart. A single wrong move may cause complete incapacity of the body to process blood since actual pumping happens in the heart. With this, pericardial mesothelioma is said to have the poorest prognosis of them all.

Stage of Cancer

It is quite difficult to detect this cancer early on. This is because the disease has come to get to its worse form once symptoms begin to appear. Yet, there is still a chance for survival for those who had this cancer diagnosed earlier on.

Degree of Metastasis

If cancer cells have already been metastasized in different areas of the body, prognosis comes poor. This is due to the fact that stopping these cancer cells from multiplying may come to be difficult since it has penetrated in different parts of the body. Good thing if the cells have just got started multiplying since the adjacent areas can just be treated fairly. However, if cancer has reached crucial areas like the bones, it comes to be reversible already.

General Health of the Patient

Another thing that determines the prognosis of mesothelioma is the general health of the patient. Patients not having underlying conditions other than mesothelioma have greater chances of survival since the body are still able to absorb the medications given.

Elderly patients are vulnerable to having poor prognosis though as their body may seem weak to accept medications. Plus, tissues may not respond well.


Generally, mesothelioma has a poor prognosis in whatever type one may look at. This is because it belongs under the umbrella of cancer which is irreversible. Yet, survival is still possible for those with factors in favor of them. With proper treatment options, there is still a chance for survival.

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