Cellphone Repair


Cellphone Repair There are hundreds of cell phone brands which you can choose to be an own one. My first cell phone was Nokia 8250. I could not remember why I chose this one but it was pretty cool at that time. And I have no idea where it is right now since I remember that it was not broken. I just left it and went to America to do master degree. Unfortunately, now I have to handle 3 cell phones, one is an Iphone 5, second is a Samsung Galaxy Mega and the last one is an Asus Zenfone Continue Reading →

Cellphone Repair Training


Cellphone repair training My Iphone 5 has problem on battery right now. I just noticed that its screen is coming off a little bit. I heard about the iphone 5 battery replacement program from Apple. They have determined that some iphone 5 devise has shoter battery life or need to be charged more frequently. The affected iphone 5 devises were sold between September 2012 and January 2013. I checked my serial number on the apple page and found that it was not in this program because this program covers affected on cellphone batteries for 2 years after the first sale Continue Reading →

phone Screen Repair


Phone Screen Repair I saw an article “How to change screen of the ASUS Zenfone 5 by yourself”. I wonder: Is it easy, especially on the mobile phone that requires phone screen repair? After done the article, it looks easy and truly save the money much if you can do it by yourself. Phone screen repair cost is pretty high because it requires more technic for replacing. But this model is quite old, the new model is coming. It is worth to do by yourself. Before starting phone screen repair, the thing that you must have is the phone screen. Continue Reading →

mobile phone repair


Mobile Phone Repair Normally, mobile phone battery could not expose but heat, gas hydrogen generated from discharging and sparking can make the explosion occur. There are 6 things that you should aware for avoid mobile phone repair. 1. Stop charging across the day. Although the current batteries has electronic circuit breaker but who knows this electronic system still works well. So you should not dispose battery across the day. 2. Get to know your battery before using. On guide book of the mobile phone as the instruction about the battery. Each model has different capacity battery and voltage. Study guide in the Continue Reading →

Cell phone Repair


Cell Phone Repair I read an article on web board about complain on Samsung cell phone repair service. Staring from this customer bought Samsung model galaxy Note 4 and its battery could not charge. He got 10% from charging battery whole night. He made a call for asking this problem on hotline service of Samsung. They advised him to test by using other charger to charge and yes, it worked. Battery can recharge but it has to charge by other brand adapter instead. Customer hotline service informed him that the USB cable might not work perfectly. He can use other Continue Reading →