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Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery , Breast Reduction Cost , Breast Reduction , mini face lift , Laser Face Lift , Lower Face Lift , Non Surgical Face Lift Can you tell if there are Naya Rivera plastic surgery secrets or not? Naya Rivera is one of the hottest and the most talented actresses of her generation. She has proven that she got what it takes to become a fast rising star on several occasions. She is just 27 but she has accomplished so much in her life. Just a brief description of her accomplishments: she started early when she appeared Continue Reading →

How to Become Plastic Surgery Associates?


Plastic surgery associates Plastic surgery associates are professionals that assist plastic surgeons in their work. Plastic surgeons perform surgeries to improve the appearance of a person whether aesthetically or to improve function of a part of the body. Associates assist surgeons as they deliver high quality care for patients and clients. Plastic surgery associates need to undergo training that includes a comprehensive course on the different aspects of care of a plastic surgeon. This course is an associate’s course so it may only be for 2 or more years compared to schooling and training to become plastic surgeons which require Continue Reading →

Who is Naya Rivera?


Naya Rivera   Naya Rivera is known for her role as cheerleader Santana Lopez in the musical television series Glee. She was born Naya Marie Rivera on January 12, 1987 in Valencia, California, USA. Despite her being born and raised in California, Naya has natural Latina looks because of her ethnicity. She is ½ Puerto Rican, ¼ African American and ¼ German. She is known for her defined cheekbones and her beautiful lips and eyes; she is also blessed with a youthful glow that enabled her to take on younger roles like her high school girl role in Glee. Other Continue Reading →

Naya Rivera Makeup Tips


Naya Rivera makeup Naya Rivera makeup – Glee star Naya Rivera looks absolutely different at the recent People’s Choice Awards in January, 2014. Her usual jet black hair and gorgeous baby-face was gone; it was replaced by an edgier look with light brown hair, matte lips and sexy makeup. Most of the guests and even Glee fans were shocked to see her transformation! She looked very mature and definitely one hot Latina! So how did Naya do it? What is the secret to Naya Rivera makeup that everyone seems to be talking about. Here are some pointers if you want Continue Reading →

Naya Rivera Nose Job Rumors


Naya rivera nose job Naya rivera nose job : Glee star Naya Rivera looks stunning in her cover photo in the January issue of Cosmopolitan Latina. Naya wore a flowery zippered front, bra-top with matching fitted skirt shows of not just her amazing Latina heritage but also her tight and toned abs. What is very different from Naya’s appearance for Cosmo was that she barely looked like herself. Some critics say that she is turning into a Jennifer Lopez look alike with her thick hair, dark expressive eyes and very toned and most of all, many argued about Naya Rivera Continue Reading →