Running shoes


  Today I read an article about a teenager finds her confidence by training for half marathons with her Dad. The story is about a girl who just the normal, interested in the girl’s stuff like cheerleading, beautify but one day she realized that it was not enjoy anymore so she quit the cheerleading things. One month later, she saw a commercial of haft marathon and she tell her Dad that she want to sign up. A half marathon for a kid is not easy, around 13.1 miles, which it seems impossible but she can do by training run-walk-run method Continue Reading →

Men running shoes


  Have you ever think how we created the nice men running shoes? How did it start and develop athletic shoes? This is some information about the history of running shoes by which have been created. In the middle of the 19th century, even the only wealthy people have been afforded but the common footwear was shoes. Not many people had different shoes for each different occasion. Beginning around early of 20th century, footwear began to change and develop for athletics when the marathon became a modern in Olympic Games. Plimsoll, a light rubber-soled canvas shoe, were a style of Continue Reading →

Kids running shoes


  Kids always are the runners. They like to run mostly when they play. You would see how happy they are while they are running or even they participate in a school program. Their foot require special care of every step for their development from right running shoe to ensure that kids will remain support not only physical but also support encouragement. Choosing the kids running shoes is very important for them and for their future. There are the records that kid’s running shoes make up the big portion of the whole number from running shoes sold, increase in sale Continue Reading →

Good running shoes


  If you are a runner, it would be easy to find good running shoes since you always look for the good deal. But if you are just the starter, you might be surprise how much a pair of good running shoe can cost. There are many stores that welcome and always have discounts in many brands. You can go look around and shop for the running shoe that you want. Another option if you look for save a little bit more money on major brands, online websites are the interesting option that you are looking for. The great site Continue Reading →

New balance running shoes


  When I pass the New Balance Running shoes store, I notice that there are nine types of the sport shoes that I should realize when I want it once for my activity because of physical activities are different. They can push you to the limit if you do not wear the proper footwear. Now let’s see what they are. First, Lightweight trainer has been designed for race and speed work. This type of shoe has less support. It provide support on the arch side and inner of shoe. Second, Cross-trainer type is an appropriate shoe for sports with lateral Continue Reading →