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Galapagos Island is the one-in-a-lifetime that I should have to visit. There are many travel deals, package tours of cruises Galapagos and promotions on the internet. No matter which one you choose, you should realize the fact before you make your decision. Because you have to spend your valuable time on board along the trip, considering on choosing boat is very important. Sized of the boat, Large versus Small boat, can make you different impressive. Both of them have different advantage and disadvantage. You should find this information before you booking. Snorkeling and Scuba drive is not the same. Most Continue Reading →

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After came back from Krabi trip, Thailand, we searched the information about the beautiful beach which we have never seen before. Got the data from about the most popular beach of South America which most of them are in Brazil. There is only one beach which is Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay in Ecuador that outside Brazil. So we started searching the picture and found that it is very beautiful and strength. Not only how beautiful white sand, nice beach but also fearless (in people) animals. The more searching information, the more interesting. Galapagos is an interesting place for Continue Reading →

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Yesterday I saw a topic on website about the Galapagos travel. It is very interesting place to travel, so I find the detail for planning a trip for next vacation. Basic information before visiting, Galapagos Island is at Ecuador. It is a volcanic island stranded in the middle of Pacific Ocean of Ecuador Country among the nineteen islands approximately. Caused by explosion of the lava accumulation in several million year ago. Starting by Charles Darwin who came and studied the large number of endemic species and his theory of evolution made the Galapagos Island famous. The easy way to Continue Reading →

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More than 80,000 people are on the major ports at Ecuador. Some Islands are populated surprisingly. So you have not worry, at all, about the facility. There are many restaurants, supermarkets, shops and tour operation which means you have more choices to choose. Cruises are cheaper if you book them in the Galapagos Island but you should have some spare time for play with them. You can get 8 days on board with superior-class boat which less passenger in the cheap price because there are cruise boats sailing a lot. You should prepare the things that you want before sailing Continue Reading →

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Tour Galapagos which has sale in shop can divide two types: Land tour, this type tourist will stay mainly in the island. Have the day tour for sightseeing. Cost around USD 100/day depends on which island that tourist prefer to visit. This type is not popular because it takes much time on transportation. Cruise tour, the most popular tour in Galapagos. Most of tourist choose this type. Tourist stay on cruise all time like living on the Cruise. They will have like a city tour on each island. Introduction how to driving, how to use snorkel, lift jackets and boat Continue Reading →