Edwards Vacuum Pump


Edwards vacuum pumps Edwards vacuum pumps are pumps that are designed to meet the high standards of various industries when it comes to air removal systems. It has developed and manufactured various products like vacuum pumps, abatement systems and various services that are related to the industry. Edwards has offices in every part of the globe: the Americas, in the Asia-Pacific, in Europe and in Africa. This proves that the company is one of the most trusted and well-respected manufacturers of vacuum pumps, accessories and various devices that deal with vacuum science. Edwards understand why high quality equipment is necessary Continue Reading →

The Vacuum pumps history


Let’s know about The Vacuum pumps history. The Vacuum pumps when talking about then. The Vacuum pumps also took a major role in the industry before we are born. But did you know that, it has been ignoring this really well, as far as which was known to the Romans, but have not the history of it, up to in the 13th century. In point of fact, the first, vacuum pump used to discharge the Greek fire was an incendiary weapon developed c. 672 on the west European Crusaders war with dual-action suction pumps. It was found in the city Continue Reading →