Cell phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair
I read an article on web board about complain on Samsung cell phone repair service. Staring from this customer bought Samsung model galaxy Note 4 and its battery could not charge. He got 10% from charging battery whole night. He made a call for asking this problem on hotline service of Samsung. They advised him to test by using other charger to charge and yes, it worked. Battery can recharge but it has to charge by other brand adapter instead. Customer hotline service informed him that the USB cable might not work perfectly. He can use other brand adapter for charging with no problem and return that USB cable to customer service for get the new one.

The time passed around 5 months, his mobile phone started error, turn off by itself, cannot turn on and require restart by pull battery out many times. So he called to customer hotline service again. They advised him to do factory reset. After done, it came back as certain but he feel application on mobile phone was slow. He feel bad and he did not buy it, it really was not worthy of the price that he paid. So he decided to take it to Samsung service shop. Staff at the shop asking about the symptoms and ask him, did he drop it before? He is guaranty 100% that this mobile never fail before. Staff informed customer that he had to leave this mobile phone for fixing around 15 days, in case there was any expense they would let him know. He asked staff why it would have the expense because it still had warranty. Staff started her face unsatisfied and asked him back, he did want to fix in this service shop or not and in case changing anything, all equipment has to return, including box. But he did not bring the charger and box. So he took his phone back and decided to send it to official of Samsung service shop instead.
He sent to the shop on May 4, 2015. Staff informed customer that he would get it back around 2-3 days after this. Seven days passed, he called for asking before go to pick it up but the stuff said this case had to wait for the spare parts from Korea. It would be done in next 5 days. OK, fine. Another 5 days passed, he called for check again. He got the same reason, his mobile phone did not fix yet but this time no limit of time for waiting the spare parts. So he started blame on public web board and then Samsung mobile support contacted him, get story and will follow the case. Within 5 hours, he got the call for getting his mobile phone back. He had question about Samsung standard service. If he did not blame them on web site, when will he get his mobile phone back? Why Samsung service be like this. That’s what the thing that Samsung has to focus on.

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