Cellphone Repair Training

Cellphone repair training

My Iphone 5 has problem on battery right now. I just noticed that its screen is coming off a little bit. I heard about the iphone 5 battery replacement program from Apple. They have determined that some iphone 5 devise has shoter battery life or need to be charged more frequently. The affected iphone 5 devises were sold between September 2012 and January 2013. I checked my serial number on the apple page and found that it was not in this program because this program covers affected on cellphone batteries for 2 years after the first sale of the unit. But I used it more than 2 years already.


At first, I will use it without repairing until it is broken because it still work well. But I read the article on the web board that this symptom comes from battery. If it is swelling, should change it. I would be more swelling and break the touchscreen. I go to the mobile shop asking the cost for replace the battery. They advise me at around USD50. So I let them change and have some conversation with them about how to replace it. I sure that they are not the Apple people and why they can do it, I am curious.

They said it has class for cellphone repair training. Period of the class is very surprising me, only 2 days. In case you take the class, only 2 days after you are done, you can fix, repair cellphone! There are numerous model from many brands of the cellphone in the market. They are very cleaver.

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