Cellphone Repair

Cellphone Repair

There are hundreds of cell phone brands which you can choose to be an own one. My first cell phone was Nokia 8250. I could not remember why I chose this one but it was pretty cool at that time. And I have no idea where it is right now since I remember that it was not broken. I just left it and went to America to do master degree.


Unfortunately, now I have to handle 3 cell phones, one is an Iphone 5, second is a Samsung Galaxy Mega and the last one is an Asus Zenfone 5, never though I have to do this. Two of them for business and another for personal. To carry three of them with you along the working time is quite a disaster. They are heavy and annoying to carry. An advantage that I can think about is you will never lose a call when it is necessary. Other people would rather carry the power bank instead. The more high capacity, the more heavy.

I used to drop all of my cell phones on the floor because too many stuffs to carry. Screens of two of them were broken. But my Iphone was not. I had to send them for cellphone repair to changing screen. After that they work well. Even they were replace by replacement units from China. I orders a mirror screen from ebay.com. The replace unit was a few bucks. And I took it to shop and asked them to replace for me. I would not cause much, actually it was cheaper than send to their own service brand shop. With my own opinion, if your cell phone or smart phone have an inside damage. You should buy a new one. But if it does not, fixing and repair is a good decision since not only safe the money and also save our environment.

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