Classification and Privatization!

Classification and Privatization!

Teas are classified according process after harvest. Tea leaves are left to wither and “cured” by making the enzymes in the tea oxidation reaction with oxygen in the air. Tea leaves are darker. (This point will be divided into different types of tea) chlorophyll in the leaves to decompose into substances that taste astringent tannin. Then you have to stop the enzyme by using heat to stop the oxidation reaction.

Make a loose tea: the most simple has privatization. Its approach is based on a national, but we just accelerate it to keep pace with consumer only. The special tea is much easier to bring out the flavor and moisture to return to it. The manufacturer does not do anything.


The type of the tea can be classified according to the various processing procedures are as follows:

White tea: burgeon and young shoots are left to wilt, but not curing. The tea to drink has a mastic color.

Yellow tea: Tea leaves that have not been left to wither and not curing, but abandoned until the leaves turned yellow. The tea to drink has a yellow color.

Green tea: the tea that was not left to wither and curing the beverage maker will have a green light.

Red tea: green tea leaves through a process of oxidation or fermentation. It has a dark tea when making a drink has red-brown.

Oolong tea: Tea leaves are left to wilt a little massage and curing. Called a kind of semi-fermented tea or fermented tea is only partially color, aroma and flavor between green tea and black tea.

Black tea: the tea leaves to wither (there may be a strong massage) and through the full process of curing. The drink had reached dark red to black.

Compost tea: green tea ferments for years.


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