cruises galapagos

Galapagos Island is the one-in-a-lifetime that I should have to visit. There are many travel deals, package tours of cruises Galapagos and promotions on the internet. No matter which one you choose, you should realize the fact before you make your decision. Because you have to spend your valuable time on board along the trip, considering on choosing boat is very important.


Sized of the boat, Large versus Small boat, can make you different impressive. Both of them have different advantage and disadvantage. You should find this information before you booking.

Snorkeling and Scuba drive is not the same. Most of package tours can snorkeling nearly the boat but Scuba diving is limited on some boats. Don’t miss a chance how beautiful and spectacular under deep-sea of Galapagos. That is the thing to concern before you choose the boat too.

In case you are a group and require a private experience and require some personalize your Galapagos experience for the example: wedding, event special, and activity for special club, there are the service for VIP to serve you. Chartering is required on some activity. They have advisors for you to plan your trip which the best options and meet your budget.

Actually, Cruises Galapagos is available of whole year. High season of traveling is on July, August, and December and early of January. From June through November, is colder than any period. And December through May, the air and water temperatures are warmer.

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