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What do children fear most? Going to the dentist of course! You may have also remembered how fearful and agitated you were during your first few visits to the dentist which is why you could relate to your child’s fears. Of course we all know now that the dental clinic is not a terrible place at all and that children must be conditioned early on not to fear the dentist at all. Dentistry for children must be positive, accommodating, fun and a learning experience.

But of course this is easier said than done but with the help of the following tips, you can eventually condition your child to somehow like going to the dentist:

Mother with her cute little daughter visiting a dentist for a checkup.

  1. Find a dentist that specializes in dentistry in children in your area. Your child will feel less stressed and anxious when he is in a clinic that is decorated for kids. He can play and interact with other kids before the procedure, he can check out toys and books and he can also learn about different procedures with the help of a professional that deals with kids. Parents agree that when their kids are relaxed before a cleaning or tooth extraction, they are less likely to fidget, become fearful and complain during any dental procedure.
  2. Look for a children’s dental clinic near you. Your child will feel less anxious when the dentist is just a few blocks away rather than torture him with a long commute or long car ride. And even when the dentist is just a few blocks away, be sure to accompany your child with a smile. Tell him stories and promise a reward for a good behavior. Your child will least likely worry about the procedure and will focus on getting his surprise reward at the end of the day.
  3. Get to know your dentist beforehand and inform him or her if your child has fears of going to the dentist. Dentists for children will understand about this common fear and will likely comfort your child as the procedure is being done. Choose a dentist that is calm, accommodating and a person that your child will likely trust. Introduce your child first and ask him if he likes the dentist or not. This will also boost your child’s self-esteem as he gets to choose his own dentist according to his preference.
  4. Dentistry for children clinics is located mostly near schools, day care centers and in malls so that kids will never have to be fearful about the dentist. Be sure to look for a dentist in these key locations so that your child will lessen his fears. When a dentist is near his school, he may meet classmates and friends in the clinic office so he will surely be less afraid. When the clinic is in a mall your child will likely be accustomed to going to the mall and would not see the dentist as a threat at all. The more you use these techniques the more your child will never have to fret visiting the dentist.
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dentistry for children

What could be more terrifying than your child’s first trip to the dentist? If you remember your own first encounter with the dentist either for a tooth extraction, a cleaning or a root canal, you will surely remember how fearful you were. And this time, remember the time when you first enjoyed visiting the dentist. Was it because of the accommodating attitude or was it because of the dentistry for children clinic that kept you from fretting the procedure. In most cases, children will be less frantic over a visit to the dentist when he knows about the atmosphere in the dental clinic as well as the dentists’ skills. Help your child out with these tips on how to look for the ideal dentist for your child:


  1. Settle for dentistry for children clinic instead of a scary and cold adult clinic. Your child will be less stressed and more likely to cooperate when he is in a clinic specially made for kids. He can play, have fun and his attention is diverted to toys and the coloful walls instead of the painful terrible procedure.
  2. Aside from the actual clinic set-up, you need to find the most experienced dentist for kids. Of course you don’t want someone who only has a few years’ experience in treating children’s teeth but you would rather trust someone who has been doing his work for a long time. The age of the dentist also matters to kids; kids are quite fearful of seniors and may fret or stress which can affect the procedure. Therefore you should look for a younger, experienced and well-skilled dentilittle-girlst for kids.
  3. Look for a dentist for kids according to your child’s needs. Dentists also have specializations which allows them to focus in a particular field. For example, ordinary dentists may not be able to install braces and retainers unless he is licensed to do this. Some dentists specialize in surgery, imaging and others more on dental implants and so on. So if your child needs special dental care, choose the dental professional that will help him the most.
  4. Find a dentist for children that offer packaged services. You would naturally want your child to complete all his dental procedures so you can take care of his teeth the best way you can however, procedures ala carte could cost hundreds of dollars. Packages usually contain all the important procedures like cleaning, root canal, filing and so on. You will be able to save so much money and time when you choose a packaged rate.
  5. Find dentistry for children specialist that will be available for emergency procedures. Kids are very active and the most common reasons why you need this feature is that you will never know when accidents may happen. Chipped tooth, toothaches, emergency filing and extractions may happen the least you expect these to. This dentist must be near you so you can easily bring your child even during off hours.
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