Dentistry for kids

Dentistry for kids could mean a lot of things and one of these things is fear. You can never easily sway a child to like the dentist and there is really no easy way out of a child’s first dental visit. Expect a lot of screaming, fidgeting, crying and even running away.

Do you know that the worst thing that could happen to a child as he fears the dentist or a dental visit is that he would also grow up fostering this fear to his own child? Dentistry for kids should be less stressful, more fun and be more accommodating for kids and for parents alike. And what better way to improve your child’s experience with the dentist than to consult a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists are dentists that specialize in children’s teeth only. They only treat infants, children and teens. This type of dentist handles all kinds of dental procedures even corrective procedures on children’s teeth since juvenile teeth are the foundation for adult set of teeth.


As much as dental professionals that specialize in pediatric surgery plays a huge role in caring for children’s oral and dental health, parents must also provide support for their kid’s dental health. This begins with a positive note on Dentistry for kids in the home.

  1. Tell your child stories about your first dental visit and how you were afraid as well but make sure that the story closes with a happy note. Tell him that it is OK to feel uncertain and frightened at first and to finally find the dentist a non-threatening place to be afterwards.
  2. Practice great oral and dental habits together with your kids. Children learn through following even for young kids to teens. When you show that you care for your own teeth by religiously brushing, flossing and gargling it is sure that your child will also follow your lead. Be sure that every member of the family follows this rule so that your child will never fear the dentist and any dental procedures anymore.
  3. Aside from good oral hygiene offer your kids healthy foods and drinks. Avoid simple sugars that can only harm teeth. If this is impossible, remind your child to brush right away or gargle with warm water. Offer fruits and vegetable instead of sweets and pastries for snacks. When it comes to drinks, offer healthy alternatives like fruit juices and water.
  4. Condition your child in going to the dentist, it may take time for him to finally want to go so do not force the experience. On a casual day, visit the dentist to just acquaint your child about the clinic interiors and how the dentist looks like. Allow him or her to role play with you with toys and dolls to help overcome his fear. He will naturally want to go when he concludes that the dentist is just like visiting the doctor. Tell him that animals like his pet dog and cat needs to go to the dentist to make dentistry for kids feel less threatening.
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