Do you have a problem of gums?

Have you are faced a problem of meal and then a sore strange, or you was brush your teeth and your blood trickled around the teeth, if YES! You have a problem of gums! This is a sign of Gingivitis! The most people have been a gingivitis because in general was lack of maintenance of oral hygiene properly. And this reason of could check your teeth!

Let’s start check of Gums!

  1. Check your gums has been observe sore gums, dark red, blowing below or not
  2. You have been feel sore gums when something be close you gums (food scraps)
  3. You have been a saburra!
  4. Your gums have been a gingival recession!
  5. Your teeth have been longer but you don’t know, WHY!?
  6. You have been start with Abscess, Root.
  7. The Tooth Mobility. (ready to drop!)

If you have a symptoms, you already to see a dentist!

And what is a causes? The causes has a lot of factor. There are six major reasons that.

  1. Lack of Maintenance of oral hygiene. But it is not mean, you do not brush your teeth the most people brushed their teeth nevertheless none hygienic condition, or a wrong how to!
  2. Some a certain drugs, such as Combined Therapy, Antidepressants and Anticonvulsants.
  3. Lack of Nutritional Deficiency Diseases such as vitamin B, C and calcium
  4. Diabetes Mellitus; result of the research, it has been have risk of Gingivitis especially the women has been pregnant.
  5. Congenital.
  6. Smoker.

The Symptoms of gum disease of 3 branch

–           Gingivitis; this is initiate for the plaque is formed between teeth and gum. If brushing and flossing normally not be clean. The accumulation of plaque is made toxic substances which cause irritation to the gum surface, then cause a Gingivitis.

–           Periodontitis; in the period of bone and substances take the part of support your teeth are destroyed and impracticable of reinstate and gums begin   to recede, then the cavity beneath between the gums and teeth; cause plaque and easier when food can sticks to your teeth.

–           The Last Periodontitis; in the last period of bone and substances has been destroyed completely! And cause your teeth rocking motion. The impact is defective chewing, the dentist will need pull a tooth out!



Take care you gums!

The gingivitis can be treated by brushing and flossing properly. Cleaning by a dentist is the only way to get rid of hardens plaque into Supragingival, if not in case heaviest will be plane have a treatment of tooth Root. But we can take care ourselves with brush the teeth at least 2 times, dental floss once a day and should be meet a dentist in 6 months’ time.

Don’t forget our oral health is the most important. If we neglect to take care of it for good, may have trouble coming up.


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