Edwards Vacuum Pump

Edwards vacuum pumps

Edwards vacuum pumps are pumps that are designed to meet the high standards of various industries when it comes to air removal systems. It has developed and manufactured various products like vacuum pumps, abatement systems and various services that are related to the industry. Edwards has offices in every part of the globe: the Americas, in the Asia-Pacific, in Europe and in Africa. This proves that the company is one of the most trusted and well-respected manufacturers of vacuum pumps, accessories and various devices that deal with vacuum science.

Edwards understand why high quality equipment is necessary in any type of industry. When your company uses the best vacuum pumps for manufacturing your products and delivering various services, your customers and partners are assured of high quality service as well. Edwards vacuum pumps have been in business for countless of years and have served so many industries and companies as well. It has been the supplier for products like:

Small wet/dry pumps

This type of vacuum pumps is designed to meet the demands of different industries. Edwards has designed pumps with lower ultimate pressures, high performance and built to work with less noise. These pumps work for different environments especially in maintenance and the repair of different equipment in various industries.

Diffusion pumps

Small diffusion pumps are pumps that are not just efficient but are compact to be used in so many industries and in any type of situation. Edwards have perfected an impressive design that will ensure that there is little backstreaming along with very minimal sealing requirements.

Industrial dry pumps

Different types of pumps by Edwards are used in various industries it is one of the most widely used brand when it comes to pumps in various applications. A wide range of industrial dry pumps that uses the company’s screw technology as well as their efficient pump drives are meant to improve vacuum performance without affecting the overall cost.

Oil sealed pumps

Large oil sealed pumps are Edwards premier line of pumps that are used in various industries especially in food and drug manufacturing. Oil sealed pumps from Edwards offer efficient workmanship, reliable in any demanding industry and has advanced lubrication circuits that conform to industry’s standards.

Semiconductor pumps

This type of vacuum pumps was developed to provide the most reliable performance in the manufacturing of semiconductors as well as other electronic components. Most of these pumps are compact in size and guarantees low noise and vibrations which are essential in any vacuum pump model. Latest dry semiconductor pumps are very efficient; with Ethernet connectivity plus different networking options makes these pumps great addition to your manufacturing line.

Edwards is also the first to develop high quality chemical dry pumps, liquid ring pumps as well as other vacuum pump accessories, fluids, greases and waxes. Edwards offer these and more so if you are looking for a partner that offers the most highly reliable pumps, let Edwards provide you with the best service and products for years to come.


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