Epithelial mesothelioma

Epithelial mesothelioma

Fats for epithelial mesothelioma

Epithelial mesothelioma is one of the cellular types of disease that can result in huge impact on human’s prognosis. It is one type of cancer and involves development of tumor that composes of epithelial cells. The patients suffering from the particular disease respond to treatment easily but treating other may be bit difficult.

To understand the affect of the cells on your prognosis you need to do a detailed study of following things:



Methods for diagnosing the epithelial mesothelioma

Option of treatment for epithelial mesothelioma


We will start the detailed study of this cellular cancer by knowing the characteristics. Kind and manifestation of the cancerous cells play an important role in classifying the tumor. In humans, epithelium is the most general kind of tissues out of the four tissues. The epithelial tissue lines the major part of cavities inside human body including functions such as:


Fluid secretion

Sensory perception

Structure of cells in the cancer type for identification


In our ears, skin, eyes and taste bud we have epithelial cells. Location and function will affect the organization of epithelial cells. The appearance of the cells in this caner type can be as follows:

Flat and thin

Hexagon or cube

The visual patters of the cells change if they turn into cancerous tumor, as they are likely to lose the uniformity. Even in many cases, they form into a clusters resembling raspberry.

Diagnosing cancer cells

Imaging scans have to be used for diagnosing the presence of epithelial cells that have turned into cancer as no other option will easily identify the presence and give a clear picture of the cancer cells. Surgical biopsy or thoracoscopy is performed for confirming the presence. Under high-powered microscopes, the cells taken out through the biopsy process are looked and sent for more evaluation for making a complete diagnose and declare it as tumor.

Considering the affects of cells on prognosis and treatment

The treatment used for treating the epithelial cells that turn into cancer and cause problem somewhat resembles treatment of other types of cells too. Stage and location of the cancer of cells is considered more than the type of the cell. Aggressive treatment is given to a person suffering from epithelial mesothelioma as the affected cells respond to the treatment. Common types of treatment for the cell cancer are:




In all the treatments given above, a person can suffer from lot of symptoms or effects of the treatment that can be painful or painless. You are fully treated with only the available treatment for treating cancer of cells.

Doctors believe that presence of epithelial cells is necessary as it support prognosis more in comparison to biphasic and sarcomatoid subtypes. If the cancer is diagnosed in earlier, treating a person will become easy and he can add more months to his life when he will be treated on time for epithelial mesothelioma.

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