extreme weight loss diets

extreme weight loss diets

Weight loss actually has a basic recipe and that is using a healthy diet, the ideal exercise and a complete lifestyle overhaul. There is no short cut way to dieting; one must commit to all these to be able to permanently control weight and to prevent gaining back the pounds that you lost. There are so many people who have lost weight using this formula and are now enjoying slimmer, sexier, firmer and healthier bodies. If you want to lose weight safely and effectively, you should stay clear from dangerous extreme weight loss diets. These diets follow a strict and sometimes undocumented diet plan which avoids foods that may be essential to one’s daily function. These diets may also be dangerous since these severely cut the necessary calories that a person needs to live a healthy and normal life. Here are some of the most dangerous weight loss diets to be wary of:


The Tapeworm Diet

You guessed it; the dieter needs to ingest live tapeworms to divide the amount of food that the dieter eats. This is a bogus diet that needs to be scraped from the web. It is dangerous and will never lead to weight loss. Well, dieters may suffer from serious complications which may prevent him from eating and THEN he will eventually lose weight!

Using Hoodia Pills

Hoodia is a desert plant and it is believed that when you ingest Hoodia pills you will be able to suppress your appetite. You will take these pills instead of taking breakfast and also another batch of pills at the end of the day for dinner. Not only are you depriving your body with the nutrients and calories it needs but you will drastically affect body organs and place yourself at risk for illness. You should never take Hoodia pills unless these are prescribed or recommended by a weight loss specialist or your doctor.

The Baby Food Diet

This involves eating only simple baby food. You will eat up to 14 jars of baby food to replace adult foods. You will significantly cut down on calories and nutrients using this method which places the body at risk for illness.

The Oatmeal Cookie Diet

This diet claims to reduce weight as early as two to three days. The dieter would only eat oatmeal cookies to be able to control cravings and reduced calorie intake in a day. Another name for this extreme weight loss diets is the Hollywood “Miracle Diet.” A part of this diet plan is drinking a juice which will be your meal replacement for 24 or 48 hours.

The Apple Diet

This is all about eating only apples for a week and drinking only black coffee. They say that the apple diet is the secret of super thin models. This diet is absolutely dangerous since you simply cannot live on eating apples alone. You will lose weight eventually since you are depriving your body of important nutrients however most of your body systems would be shutting down by the time you have accomplished extreme weight loss diets.


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