Finest Home Remedies for Acne

home remedies for acne


Acne is one of the problems of young people since it appears more often in the adolescence stage but with that concern, finest home remedies for acne are also available. Each of the remedy is discussed below. Moreover, acne is not fatal but it can lower self-esteem as an individual. You are not likely to socialize with the horrible spots on your face. Thus, there is a big probability that you separate yourself from the crowd fearing their judgmental looks towards you. Before you suffer depression, it is better to treat acne at the earliest time possible. Listed below are things that might be helpful to you.

1. Cucumber

Cucumber is good to cure eye bags but did you know it’s also one of the finest home remedies for acne? Cucumber will moisturize your skin because it is made up of more than 90% water. First, get one piece of cucumber. Then, crush it. By using a strainer, extract its juice and put in it into a bowl. Get your ice cube container and place the cucumber extract in it until the extract runs out. Allow it to freeze. Apply the frozen cucumber extract on your face or any affected areas. Then, wash your face or the affected area with cold water.


2. Homemade honey mask

The main purpose of honey is to moisturize the skin. Research also shows that it is a one of the finest home remedies for acne. Honey is used as a natural means for treating infections and fighting bacteria. Also, it is soothing to the skin. Honey is also an anti-oxidant which helps in blood circulation and prevents wrinkles. Use a homemade honey mask once every two weeks. Scoop an enough amount of honey using your hand. Put it all over your face or in the affected area. Gently massage your skin with it. Leave on your face or in the affected area for one hour. Finally, wash off with warm water.

3. Lemon and sugar

Other home remedies for acne are lemon and sugar. The purpose of lemon is to remove or exfoliate the upper layer of dead skin of the affected area, especially those in the face. After applying the mixture, your skin will be so soft and glowing. Sugar, on the other hand, will act as a natural scrub. Use this mixture once every two weeks. Prepare one regular size of a lemon. Extract its juice into a little bowl. Get ready with the sugar together with the cotton balls. Then, wet your face with warm water. Use a clean towel to dry your skin. Dip a cotton ball into the lemon extract. Put the sugar on top of the cotton ball. Rub the cotton ball into the affected area. Finally, wash off with cold water to close your pores.


Those home remedies for acne are not difficult to find and prepare since it is found in your house. All you have to do is to try them and see the acne disappears one by one. It is possible, so try them today!

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