galapagos cruise

More than 80,000 people are on the major ports at Ecuador. Some Islands are populated surprisingly. So you have not worry, at all, about the facility. There are many restaurants, supermarkets, shops and tour operation which means you have more choices to choose. Cruises are cheaper if you book them in the Galapagos Island but you should have some spare time for play with them. You can get 8 days on board with superior-class boat which less passenger in the cheap price because there are cruise boats sailing a lot.

You should prepare the things that you want before sailing since it has stopped at port once or twice for getting the passengers. The most of time, the boat is in the sea. If you like to drink, you should take by your own. It is cheaper and save from supply is running out on the boat.


You can find the animals on Galapagos Island easily and they, including birds show no fear on you. That is one of the most amazing reaction from wildlife on this islands. You would see sea lions laydown at shore. Birds with red neck sit on the trees. And also unpredictable act from the animals on the islands. You may had heard about animals in Island. But landscape is more

beautiful than you thought. When you look into the ocean, color of black lava rocks against color of the deep blue sea that is amazing art.

Don’t miss your chance to snorkel with the penguins and other sea life. The trip may live in your memory forever. Welcome to visit the Galapagos.

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