Galapagos Tours

Tour Galapagos which has sale in shop can divide two types:

  1. Land tour, this type tourist will stay mainly in the island. Have the day tour for sightseeing. Cost around USD 100/day depends on which island that tourist prefer to visit. This type is not popular because it takes much time on transportation.
  2. Cruise tour, the most popular tour in Galapagos. Most of tourist choose this type. Tourist stay on cruise all time like living on the Cruise. They will have like a city tour on each island. Introduction how to driving, how to use snorkel, lift jackets and boat regulations. There are at least 2 naturalists in the boat for giving and advice to tourist as a guide. Normally, it is five days but they advise at least 8 days and 7 night.


Popular package tour is 8 days 7 nights, direct flight from Quito airport to San Cristobal airport.

Actually, traveling in Galapagos can be whole year. It requires you to have time and enough money. Rainy season will start from December until May and summer starts from June until November but in August and September the winds are quite strong. High season of travel is on period June – August and Christmas (December – January).

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