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Yesterday I saw a topic on website about the Galapagos travel. It is very interesting place to travel, so I find the detail for planning a trip for next vacation.

Basic information before visiting, Galapagos Island is at Ecuador. It is a volcanic island stranded in the middle of Pacific Ocean of Ecuador Country among the nineteen islands approximately. Caused by explosion of the lava accumulation in several million year ago. Starting by Charles Darwin who came and studied the large number of endemic species and his theory of evolution made the Galapagos Island famous.


The easy way to travel to Galapagos Island from Thailand is taking the flight of KLM airline. Destination is Quito, the capital of Ecuador. (Transit flight at Amsterdam, Netherlands which does not require Schengen visa for only transit flight) People who carry Thai passport can stay in Ecuador 90 days without applying visa.

Things that should prepare for travel to Galapagos.

  1. Money, for sure, for buy meal and shopping at the Island. At Ecuador, now they use USD dollar, stopped using SUCRE since year 2000). Should exchange in small amount, the biggest bank note for carry is twenty dollar bank note. Credit card from Thailand’s bank can use at ATM in Ecuador charged fee at 0.5-2 USD/time.
  2. Camera, they advise the one that have more zoom power and the one that can shoot under the water.
  3. Driving equipment, in case you have your own.
  4. Slippers for walking on sand or wet landing.
  5. Sunblock with highest SPF that you can find.
  6. Wet Tissue paper.

Prepare well with a great plan for your vacation, make you perfect trip and have fun. Hope we will see you at Galapagos Island.

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