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After came back from Krabi trip, Thailand, we searched the information about the beautiful beach which we have never seen before. Got the data from about the most popular beach of South America which most of them are in Brazil. There is only one beach which is Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay in Ecuador that outside Brazil. So we started searching the picture and found that it is very beautiful and strength. Not only how beautiful white sand, nice beach but also fearless (in people) animals.
The more searching information, the more interesting. Galapagos is an interesting place for travel which actually attractive to tourist for sightseeing and be subsequently listed as a World Heritage Site in 1978. A few Thai people have been visited Galapagos Island. Probably, it is the long trip, take a long time, and quite grueling. So we thought it would be fun and have many stories for tell after end of the trip. So what we have to prepare for plan the trip to Galapagos:


1. Wow, no need to apply visa to Ecuador for Thai people.
2. It takes 3 days from Bangkok, Thailand to Amsterdam, Netherland for transit flight to Quito, Ecuador and took the plan to San Cristobal Island and then final to Galapagos Island.
3. Book the flight from KLM airline. It is about 70,000 – 90,000 baht. (approximate USD 2,700, quite expensive)
4. Book the hotel in Quito via Agoda website.
5. There are many tours, at least 20 – 30 companies for us to choose. In case your friend advises the cruise’s name to you. You can search by using the name of vessel you can get the cheaper price than normal which this case, we find the best offer at USD 3,500 including the airline ticket.
6. Exchanged money in USD currency.
7. Total traveling budget after calculated all for Galapagos trip around 250,000 baht (approximate USD 7,500)
Now, we are ready for a trip. Wait for me Galapagos beach. See ya.

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