Hair growth

My friend got a haircut yesterday but it is too shot. He won’t happy about the result after done haircut at all. He comes with the funny research but they are facts which have been proved. They are natural methods not a magic. Let’s see what he got.


  1. Make hair grow faster by hair exercising. Hair root is full with blood vessels and nerves cells that have a very fast growth rate. If they have been boosted, hair will able to grow quickly. And also bowing head lower and stay at that level 30 seconds and lift up slowly. Doing this every day, blood will flow to the hair much and make hair grow faster and stronger.
  2. Eat more protein because most of cell in the body requires protein to repair, reduce loss and fracture of the hairs. Protein makes hair stronger and grow fast. So have food that contain protein such as meat, soy milk.
  3. Have fish, green vegetable and blueberry. All of them can increase blood pressure. The more blood circulation, the stronger body including the hair on the head.
  4. Head massage to stimulate the circulation of blood on the head and also help the hair grow faster. Head massage can do by yourself at home while cleaning hair.
  5. Comb your hair when it dry. Do not comb when your hair wet. Or if it is necessary, use big teeth of comb when your hair still wet.
  6. Frequently trim your hair of a little bit, it would help hair grow and also cut the broken hair tip.
  7. If all of method still can get your hair grow fast enough, hair extension is the last option that you can choose.
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