Hair Loss Products

I was the one who had hair loss problem. Fall rate was high like when used fingers to comb my hair, it would come up with dozens of hairs. I was scare and left my hair like that. Didn’t touch, never comb. There were a lot of hair loss products in the market. I tried many of them. Which one that was good from any review or any advice from my friends. I tried them all. But they still fell off, sticked on the shirt. I loss confident and it made me stress but after I did this, they came back to the normal rate within one week.


Change the shampoo and conditioner to be herb formula. My case, I used butterfly pea formula. Not expensive and easy to find for department store. Wash your hair every day and use shampoo one time. Don’t scratching but massage with my fingers instead. After done, wash your hair with water and follow by conditioner respectively. Avoid your head skin from conditioner, only hair touch it. Leave it over two or three minutes and then wash your hair with water again.

This step is the most important. Use kaffir lime or the other name bergamot. Slice it to three pieces. Take its seed out as much as you can. Squeeze it direct to your head skin. And then massage your skin head softly.  Leave it for twenty minutes and wash out.

Brush by the wide tooth comb to your wet hair. After wash your hair, use electronic hair dryer (cool temperature) until your hair dry. Avoid to tie, clamp, bending, stretching or do anything violently to your hair. I do this about one week, hair fall rate reduced. During the first day, the result do not show obviously. Be patient and continue doing it. When it pass day six, the result will make you smile. Your hair will soften more and have good smell all day. This is a simple way, organic, good and cheap. Would you like to try?

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