Hair Loss Treatment

When talking about hair, somebody is lucky that she has a beautiful hair, natural conditions. Many people do not. In the few years ago, medicine has made the powerful stride in the hair loss treatment process. You can notice from the classic cartoon, like Pink panther, Mickey Mouse even Pop Eye had joke about the bald which it means this hair loss problem has come for the long time.  Medicine can help the growth the hair named Propecia is the first drug in history that effective on baldness. Minoxidil is the first drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of male pattern baldness which is the same as Propecia that researchers discovered for its side effect.


The main problem after you success the hair loss treatment is how to prevent and treatment of hair loss. Even hair after treatment grows but if you could not keep, it wastes your time and your money. Not only the medicine that have to take for help the hair grow from Genetic but also nutrition is support the growth of the hair at the hair root.

For study and research found that the person who has hair loss problem should eat nutrition more around 3 times as the normal people require will slow rate of hair loss down. Good food and health develop your hair condition. For the example, Vitamin A help sebaceons glands at head skin better. Vitamin E stimulate the circulation of blood on the head and make the quality of hair better.

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