Hair Loss

Believe that many young girls are faced the unusual hair loss problem frequently. Sometime comb and they come off a bouquet. Or after wash the hair, found many of hairs at the drain pipe. They should realize the cause. They are often cause by anything. They might be both serious and not serious reason. Let’s check it out.


Intense Shampoo

In TV commercial and review shampoo by magazines, it tempts you to buy the products from the look of model who has nice shinny hair. But do you know that each individual brand has different formula which, sometimes, does not suitable for every type of hair. You should choose the gentle one which does not mix chemicals too much.


Some girls could not imagine why her hairs fall off unusually. Try to observe yourself that when you found hair loss, were you stress or had something to worry about? In case you have excessive hair loss by stress, recommend to consult with doctor.

From Pregnancy

It may come from pregnancy because when women pregnant, some hormone in the body has been changed that causes tension. Tantrum is not normal. That is result of hair loss unusually which this period does not stay long. If you treat your hair well, problem would be reduce.

Too dry

Because of your hair scalp sunlight, pollution or chemicals in shampoo that make your hair loss natural oils. If your hairs lack of careless from yours, do not surprised why a lot of your hairs fall off.

Hair Coloring

Girls just want to have fun from changing their look. But too much of coloring, it causes hair loss due to it dry your hair. Starting tear and fall off.

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