Home Remedies to Acne Scars

home remedies to acne

You can easily treat your acne at home if you do not think it is necessary to see the doctor just yet. There are quite a number of effective home remedies to acne scars on face and you can try them out. The best thing is that they are quite cheap and easy to use.

If the acne scars are quite dark, lemon juice will help to reduce them. Take cotton swab and dab it in a teaspoon of the lemon juice then softens the acne scars. Leave it there for roughly ten minutes and then rinse off. Be very cautious with the lemon juice because this makes the skin to be quite sensitive. Be sure to apply sunscreen on the area treated with lemon before going out to the sun.

You can easily use baking soda to exfoliate skin. Mix a teaspoon of the baking soda in two teaspoons of water, rub mixture gently on acne scar for one minute then rinse.

After you have exfoliated the skin using baking soda, rub down some olive oil to your face. Often acne scaring causes the skin to loosen its elasticity and its suppleness. Moisturizing nutrients that are found in olive oil goes through the skin thus deeply moisturizing it and softening the texture of the skin.

Despite eating fruits, you can as well smear them to your face, especially on the areas that have really been affected by acne. Fruits provide calm acid exfoliation. You can cut a slice of pineapple and then smooth it to your face. Leaving ten to fifteen minutes and then rinses it off. Pineapples contain ascorbic acid and this helps in giving a brightening result in the face resulting for the acne marks to slowly fade away.

Time and again, it has been said that the skin really needs water. More so if one is trying to help the kind of skin to restore that this home remedies to acne helps cure acne scarring. For the skin to be plump, get rid of toxins along with generate new skin, it needs a lot of water. Drink of at least eight glasses of water daily giving the skin the quantity and quality of water that it required to produce fresh and healthier skin.

When it comes to home remedies to acne scars, consistency is solution. Acne scars are formed over time layer through layer and for you to manage removing the acne marking, you must use home remedies to acne daily. For you to gain success, you have to make an advance plan on how to remove and reduce acne. Take some time daily to remove the scratched skin and give physically the nutrients that you require to build a healthier skin. You can make a decision that every day you are going to use baking soda exfoliating your skin for five minutes and then ten minutes using fruits that help in building collagen such as oranges and grapes. When you dedicate your time and decide to follow home remedies to acne provided above and be consistent, you will observe the improvements in the scars.


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