How to a simple teeth whitening at Home!!

How to a simple teeth whitening at Home!!

If you like a smile but do not have confidence when your smile or loud laughter, but you must be to remove your hands up fronting! That means you have a problem with the color of your teeth. Many people may have to take out money to make teeth whitening with dentist. But in fact, you can make yourself at home!!
1. Teeth with strawberries, berries: strawberries contain malic acid. Qualified in dentistry and whitening is one of the key components in the production of toothpaste.
– Step: mashed strawberries 1-2 series lead children to brush their teeth leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse or brush off.

2. Make a banana peel with white teeth: teeth whitening is the substance that provides several kinds, such as potassium and calcium.
– Step: rub the teeth with a banana peel 2-3 times a week for 2 minutes at a time for 15 minutes, then brush the teeth as usual.

3. Teeth whitening with baking powder: Baking powder is considered the best tooth whitening substance. And often found in toothpaste teeth. Baking powder helps adjust the pH in the mouth and help remove stains.
– Step baking mixes with salt.

4. Clove + sugar: cubes two ingredients are guaranteed teeth white and healthy. It was doing every day, cloves and sugar cubes are very effective in the treatment of yellow teeth at home.

5. Chew vegetables or fruit: Try to chew vegetables or fresh fruit. Once a day, fresh vegetables are available for health one. It also helps clean teeth, such as sugar cane, apple, carrot, evening, and vegetables, wood and other round. So don’t lack the care of all the cells in the body to life is always

In fact, the behavior in your life, if you are drinking a coffee or smoking and alcoholic drinks. These things can make your teeth yellow. Brushing your teeth correctly, it is the same with every 12 hours! Every time after a meal. Must brush the teeth for a period of 2-3 minute, across of Molar Teeth. If you care oral health. Almost impossible that you will not have the confidence to smile or laugh and make many people want to close.

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