How to Manage Sore Gums at Home

sore gums home remedy

Sore gums are just so painful that you may just want to take any desperate measure to finally get rid of it. But this is a self-limiting condition. This means that it will just go away for days even with minimal care as long as infection has not taken place. But to hasten its healing process, there are sore gums home remedies that you may want to follow.

To avoid the sore from developing to a serious skin breakage, eat soft foods. This also reduces the pain of eating because these foods do not have sharp edges that may touch the sores and may cause discomfort. Yogurt is one of the best foods to try on. Not only does it glide smoothly on your mouth, it does give out protein which will in turn facilitate fast tissue recovery. Other foods such as mashed potato and cream soup can also be ingested. Aside from eating soft food, make sure that it contains protein and vitamins too so that recovery will be fast.

Drink cold fluids. Cold drinks have soothing relief on the affected part. Cold can also cause vasoconstriction which will then generate blood flow on the area thus fast recovery is assured. For those who have sensitivity on the other hand, a straw can be used. This would make sure that the fluid will not cause pain on the area affected but would rather soothe pain.

Rinsing mouth with salt is also a great step to finally get rid of sore gums. This sore gums home remedy may cause discomfort at first because salt can hurt the open skin. However, it may help heal the area. As a phrase goes “no pain, no gain”. To prepare such, you will need a teaspoon of salt on a glass on water at about 220cc. Use this as a mouth rinse.

Another soothing drink is tea. Tea has natural antioxidants and puts a relaxing feel to the sore. Tea leaves in fact are used by ancient people to clean open wounds. Because of the properties that tea has, healing process is also hastened aside from the fact that it can soothe painful sores.

If pain is unbearable, you may take pain relievers until such time that it finally heals. Pain relievers block the pain channels while your gums are on the process of healing. Sore gums are painful and you sure would not want to waste a minute in pain. Consult your doctor first before taking in medicine to be sure that it is safe for your condition.

These are just some of the sore gums home remedy that you can use. Obviously, it is easy to prepare which means that taking such regularly will not bring you hassles. If these are taken religiously, you are assured that sore gums will soon fade away. However, if it continues to persist, consult your dentist. Sores on gums that cannot be managed by simple remedies may need medical attention as it can be caused by some underlying diseases that should be corrected first.



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