Make First Impression with Clear Dandruff

“Wait.. Wait.. Please Wait, Madam! I saw something on your shoulder, here it is a dandruff you’ll should to meet the dermatologist” 

OH..GOD!! Who is want to listen of conversation that!? It has make no confidence and west your first impression when you have ever met a handsome man or girl! We should be serious get rid of dandruff, right!!? !!? But, first we should be know about “dandruff”, there’s come from and how do I get rid dandruff out!

What is a dandruff? It is a nap or splinter, you can see a dandruff on roots of hair or drop of collar, it is clear when you wore dark shirt. Circuit for the most people take turns cell division around 28 days, but the patient was faster in a lot of cell and it make scab on your head. The dandruff will be asymptomatic or itching scalp.



Ingredient of a dandruff include 3 type; 1. Sebum 2. Malassezia Yeasts 3. Allergy

Process of a dandruff is the fungus called Malassezia globosa to digest triglycerides contained in sebum. Make acid OA (Oleic Acid) so this acid on our skin. The scalp then it is not good. It’s true that because of this acid make skin inflammation top. The outermost layer of the skin and make it burst. However, the dandruff will be allergies to certain chemicals such as Hair dyes, spray or shampoo, so we should be notice something happen on your head.

How to get rid of dandruff, when you know about dandruff, it so easier to get rid of dandruff!

  1. Don’t wash the hair with warm water, because the warm water will make the scalp dry.
  2. Don’t hard scrape the hair.
  3. Use shampoo containing ZPT (ZPT – Zinc pyrithione) it is help, control sebum, care the scalp and make a repair your skin.


Although dandruff is a major problem with the most people, but there have choice to reduce violence. However the most important for the scalp is take care your inside such as eat a healthy food, have enough time to sleep etc. Have a good time.

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