Men running shoes



Have you ever think how we created the nice men running shoes? How did it start and develop athletic shoes? This is some information about the history of running shoes by which have been created.

In the middle of the 19th century, even the only wealthy people have been afforded but the common footwear was shoes. Not many people had different shoes for each different occasion. Beginning around early of 20th century, footwear began to change and develop for athletics when the marathon became a modern in Olympic Games. Plimsoll, a light rubber-soled canvas shoe, were a style of casual shoe designed for durability against the water, dirt and more which were developed to be running shoes after then. Coming with metal spikes for traction, it was the first generation of the men running shoes. After that a few decades, vulcanization process has been developed rubber sole. The footwear has been incredibly produced by this process. The products has known as sneakers. The prototype of Athletic shoe is U.S. Patent No. 1392074 which is the developed basketball shoes. It protected the construction of a light weight shoe using long spikes protected by a lighter insole from spike pressure while stepping.

There are many patents came later like patent no. 1549382 with an ankle brace for support and removable cleat, patent no. 3138880 with distribute stress around the upper part of shoe and additional support to foot by tighten of lace straps, patent no. 33668792 with a lower breakaway sole that separate from shoe in response to a transverse force which can reduce injury when transverse force created and etc. Today’s innovations is still going on to capitalize on design. Although structure, support and comfort have been sought by shoe developers but some invention has become possible since the digital age has started. For the example, patent no. 8495825 by install a catapult device can help wearer returns energy during the gait cycle and reduce shocks on the foot, patent no. 8429836 with be collapsible athletic shoe for easier packing in a briefcase for traveling purpose.

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