mobile phone repair

Mobile Phone Repair

Normally, mobile phone battery could not expose but heat, gas hydrogen generated from discharging and sparking can make the explosion occur. There are 6 things that you should aware for avoid mobile phone repair.

1. Stop charging across the day. Although the current batteries has electronic circuit breaker but who knows this electronic system still works well. So you should not dispose battery across the day.


2. Get to know your battery before using. On guide book of the mobile phone as the instruction about the battery. Each model has different capacity battery and voltage. Study guide in the section of battery would not waste your time, especially when something happens. It might cause you more when symptoms occurred unexpectedly.
3.  You should change battery when you find something unusual. Good battery should not have heat accumulation. No matter what reasons are made your battery hot, you should buy the new battery including unusual shape such as swelling of battery.
4. The battery should not use more than 3 years. Normally, batteries life for mobile phone is 2-3 years, maximum. You can notice battery warning sign from its unusual behavior like a few minutes of charging make battery full but it works only a few minutes and then battery ran out. The battery that you would like to change should meet standard for your safety. In case your mobile phone has a replaceable type of battery, you should have reliable service.
5. Do not leave your mobile phone in the hot environment. Especially leave the mobile phone in car parking with strong sunlight is not the thing that you should do. Mobile phone, normally, occur its heat when operation in a certain level which heat accumulation should not be. Heat from outside can make battery hotter than normal and in case the mobile phone malfunction and spark. It can expose.
6. Never trust on hundred percent in any safety systems.

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