Most Common Symptoms of Canker Sores

Canker Sores


The cause of canker sore on gums is yet to be discovered but there are triggering factors including stress which may cause such. Often times, canker sores are mistaken for cold sores. But, this is not contagious which alienates it from cold sores. There are symptoms that one can experience when these sores are yet to come.

First off, canker sore may first appear by inducing that tingling and burning sensation on the mouth. There are no visible marks at first but the person can just feel its first painful attack.

After a day or a couple of days, it will then show off its visible signs. It will develop as a painful sore on your mouth. This is the stage when it can be mistaken for a cold sore. A reddish mark would then be seen on the gum area where it can be painful when touched.

Next, it develops its end form. A greyish or whitish round sore on the gums will appear. This has a reddish border. On this stage, extreme pain will be felt. This is the time when eating comes to be difficult because a simple bump on the sore will cause a painful feeling. Even intake of acidic foods such as with that of vinegar will cause your mouth to feel very painful.

Though the above mentioned symptoms cause pain, it is still nothing because it can be managed greatly. It may even disappear fast if due dental attention is given. But if it is taken for granted, serious symptoms would occur.

A person may develop fever. When the body is attacked by a foreign causative agent, it will react by inducing fever. You will even know if your body is functioning well when you will develop fever after infection occurs. As a result, this can be experienced by a person who has canker sore on gums.

If it has progressed further, body will then be lethargic. Aside from the fact that appetite is affected because of the pain that canker sore on gums incur, lethargy or sluggishness can also be experienced.  Usually, the body gets this when bacteria slowly takes control over the body.

Yet, serious symptoms can only be present when canker sore on gums is not given attention. In fact, canker sores can just be managed by proper dental care. However, when serious efforts are done and there is no progress on the condition, medical help must be sought. Canker sores can be caused by underlying conditions such as Crohn’s Disease and Celiac Disease. For sure, these diseases cannot just be mended through home management so medical help is a need.

When symptoms start to occur, it is best to take measures like proper oral hygiene. This would not only stop these sores from coming but it will also be a way to prevent possible serious mouth problems that may be present because of poor hygiene. This is the key when you do not want to experience the pain that canker sores bring.

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