Naya Rivera Makeup Tips

Naya Rivera makeup

Naya Rivera makeup – Glee star Naya Rivera looks absolutely different at the recent People’s Choice Awards in January, 2014. Her usual jet black hair and gorgeous baby-face was gone; it was replaced by an edgier look with light brown hair, matte lips and sexy makeup. Most of the guests and even Glee fans were shocked to see her transformation! She looked very mature and definitely one hot Latina!

So how did Naya do it? What is the secret to Naya Rivera makeup that everyone seems to be talking about. Here are some pointers if you want to totally reinvent your look like what she did on the red carpet:

  1. First of all, you have to be like Naya, prepared for anything that people will say. Expect for comments like the color does not suit you or why did you do it? You may also hear totally negative comments like “you look totally ridiculous.” Let’s face it, not everyone can pull off a lighter hair color look so be sure to consult your hair dresser first.

But then there are also people who will compliment you on your dew do. So in other words, expect the unexpected if you want to imitate Naya Rivera makeup and hair changes.

  1. Naya’s hair looks straighter and lighter shade of brown to blonde was the color used for her hair. The color was just the only thing that she did to prepare her hair; there were no curls and extensions added. She obviously had it blow dried just to give it a little volume and that’s about it.
  2. Her makeup is very subtle for the event. She had amazingly nude lips, light eyebrow and very minimal mascara on her eyes. She had light brown eye makeup which complements her hair but most of all you can tell there is a hint of Jennifer Lopez in her looks! Is she trying to look like Jennifer Lopez who is also a beautiful and talented actor and performer? It looks like it but Naya has her own natural beauty that makes her look different from other Latina actress!
  3. Naya’s clothes for the night were another stunner. It was a flesh, white and black colored, long sleeved one piece accented with a gold band on her neck. This dress was another new take on the way Naya wore clothes since she was always very well-dressed to highlight her elegant features. This dress is a Michael Kors creation; she also wore shoes by Stuart Weitzman and held a Kotur clutch bag.


Naya Rivera won an award that night for Favorite Gal Pals. This award Naya shares with Lea Michele. But this was not the only award that the Latina actress won that night. She surely won the hearts of millions that took her as just another TV star. She could be a sweet high school cheerleader but she could also look mature, sexy and every inch a superstar. Nothing is holding her back now for more challenging TV and movie roles!


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