Naya Rivera Nose Job Rumors

Naya rivera nose job

Naya rivera nose job : Glee star Naya Rivera looks stunning in her cover photo in the January issue of Cosmopolitan Latina. Naya wore a flowery zippered front, bra-top with matching fitted skirt shows of not just her amazing Latina heritage but also her tight and toned abs. What is very different from Naya’s appearance for Cosmo was that she barely looked like herself. Some critics say that she is turning into a Jennifer Lopez look alike with her thick hair, dark expressive eyes and very toned and most of all, many argued about Naya Rivera nose job rumors.

There is certainly something new about Naya’s face. Just check her previous photos especially from 2009 when she first started in Glee. Naya was just 22 then when she accepted the role of Santana Lopez. She looked a bit plain actually but her face radiated a young and lively actress and singer. She had expressive cheekbones, a slender chin and most of all she had a cute nose. Her nose was OK but it had a rounded end that possibly was one of the reasons why she had to undergo a nose job. And other than her rumoured nose job, she may have also gotten other plastic surgeries to basically improve her looks since, let us face it; Naya is not getting any younger.

So comparing her 2009 photos with her Cosmo cover in 2014 here are some very noticeable changes: her face looks narrower and her cheekbones amazingly disappeared. This could either be the work of makeup to make her look more mature or it may be the work of plastic surgery. Her eyes looked more expressive and larger but definitely these are the results of fantastic eye makeup using dark and smoky eye shadow.

Her figure looks stunning and without a doubt she was able to acquire this great body as a result of exercise, a strict diet and having a healthy lifestyle. Only a few actresses her age are able to maintain this kind of body. If you were also to turn to the inner pages of Cosmo you will see her sitting on top of the hood of a car showing off her beautiful figure! Now this photo reveals more than her beautifully toned body but also her curvaceous breasts.

Comparing again her 2009 Glee pics she had small to moderately-sized breasts. She barely wore anything revealing before but in her recent pictures her breasts look twice as large even when she is wearing just ordinary street clothes. Her Cosmo pic nailed the rumor that she had a boob job together with a nose job to make her look more mature.

Lastly, her nose, which is the highlight of most Naya Rivera nose job rumor posts and blogs, looked totally different. Her nose line is more slender and the end of her nose is almost pointed. This is not the work of makeup since there are so many images that actually reveal the truth about her nose. But Naya actually never needed any surgery; despite her age, she is one of the freshest and talented actors in Hollywood today.


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