New balance running shoes



When I pass the New Balance Running shoes store, I notice that there are nine types of the sport shoes that I should realize when I want it once for my activity because of physical activities are different. They can push you to the limit if you do not wear the proper footwear. Now let’s see what they are.

First, Lightweight trainer has been designed for race and speed work. This type of shoe has less support. It provide support on the arch side and inner of shoe. Second, Cross-trainer type is an appropriate shoe for sports with lateral movement as aerobics or body step class. Third, Trail type has many features like water resistance, extra upper protection, aggressive traction and dark color scheme. This type has stability on uneven trail and extra fore foot protection. Fourth, stability type is designed for mind to moderate over-pronators, provide support to slow pronation down. Fifth, cushioned stability type is the same function as stability shoe but more advanced cushioning, known as high-end stability shoe. Sixth, Neutral type has been designed for biomechanically efficient runner. It does not have medial support, just increase firmness. Seventh, motion control type offers the maximum support for active medial which is around the inner side and arch of the shoe. Eighth, walking type is aim to fitness walker who want varied stability and comfort. The last, running type which is refer to running flats which is light weight and have minimal amount of cushion and support.

From my notice, I found that people who use New Balance Shoes always use this two type, walking type and running type. New Balance running shoes and walking shoes seem very similar but if you look closer, they are quite different. When you walk, the body’s weight is distribute more on the foot than when you run. Weight rolls from heel and continue to the toe which your feet have to absorb the shock of 1-2x of your body weight on each step. While running require support at least 2-3x of your body weight. The outer heel absorbs most of impact before distribute weight to as S motion though toe off. Choose the correct type shoe for the right activity is the best fit right to help you achieve your goals.

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