phone Screen Repair

Phone Screen Repair
I saw an article “How to change screen of the ASUS Zenfone 5 by yourself”. I wonder: Is it easy, especially on the mobile phone that requires phone screen repair? After done the article, it looks easy and truly save the money much if you can do it by yourself. Phone screen repair cost is pretty high because it requires more technic for replacing. But this model is quite old, the new model is coming. It is worth to do by yourself.


Before starting phone screen repair, the thing that you must have is the phone screen. I go to and search. Wow, it is pretty cheap. It cost only nine dollars with free international shipping. Order it and prepare your phone for replace. Open the back cover and take the sim and micro SD card out. Use the screwdriver to take 13 screws out and pry the case off, it made from plastic. You should better be careful.

After that take out of board by disconnect the cable. You can find the connecting point on the Assembly Sheet on internet. And follow that instruction. After disconnect the cable, take each piece out. Some of them was glued, disassembly it with careless. Your Hair dryer blows on the phone screen. Replace it with the new phone screen that you buy and assemble all back. You can find more information or video process to disassemble on

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