Running shoes



Today I read an article about a teenager finds her confidence by training for half marathons with her Dad. The story is about a girl who just the normal, interested in the girl’s stuff like cheerleading, beautify but one day she realized that it was not enjoy anymore so she quit the cheerleading things. One month later, she saw a commercial of haft marathon and she tell her Dad that she want to sign up. A half marathon for a kid is not easy, around 13.1 miles, which it seems impossible but she can do by training run-walk-run method and slowly built up endurance. The goal is done emphasizing the distance completed is more important than speed. Running is the sport that requires hours of practice.

There are some cautions for taking your child to join the marathon. Children should run the race with an adult and not participate in large event because it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Not take the marathon that start if the temperature is too hot, over than 55-60 degrees.

So after done the article, I start to interesting running and find more detail that if I interested to run what should I prepare for. Of cause running shoes, I have to decide to purchase at the store near my house or via website. After see the price, yeah I hope I can find the good deal on Practice of half marathon is running at least three time a week which should run average about 30 minutes and weekend long run should be up at least three miles. Positive mind-set and strategic walk breaks because target of the long run is done the distance not speed. Take it easy by not go out fast. Aim the target that run a mile in 4 minutes. Target to endurance not wipe out. Meet a balance by keep weekday run no longer than 30 minutes. Search the information that the race on marathon is hilly or not. If it is hilly, you should practice run on hills. And get enough resting is very important.

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