Tablets for Sale

Tablets for sale

Tablets have been around twenty years, not a new. Nobody interest on it until Apple release an IPad after they release smart phone of their company “IPhone”. Because it is nice, resemble and strong assembly while Apple has a success on IPhone. It runs on the same operating system. It caught the market easily and stay on fire immediately.

Google who already released an open source operation system for smart phones called “Android” scaled it up for tablet later on doing the same as Apple did it in IOS operating system on IPad. Android 3.0 which had codenamed “Honeycomb” was the first version for tablets.

Both of them, IPad and Android tablets, offer the customer to use touch screen interface, allow to active icon by double their finger. And they offer online market which customers can buy and download a program, as known as an app in mobile computer, directly to devices.

The question is which one is the better tablet? Hard to answer. Apple has their own OS while other companies support Google’s operating system which nowadays they are better and better leading by Samsung, HTC, LG and Chinese brands. And this year computer band like Microsoft who just released Surface pro 4 which turns from a tablets into a full powered of laptop while running all of desktop software. Tablets for sale in market next year would be pretty much interesting. Apple can against all competitors to be the number one in US or not. We will see on next year.

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