Hair Loss


Believe that many young girls are faced the unusual hair loss problem frequently. Sometime comb and they come off a bouquet. Or after wash the hair, found many of hairs at the drain pipe. They should realize the cause. They are often cause by anything. They might be both serious and not serious reason. Let’s check it out. Intense Shampoo In TV commercial and review shampoo by magazines, it tempts you to buy the products from the look of model who has nice shinny hair. But do you know that each individual brand has different formula which, sometimes, does not Continue Reading →

Fast Hair Growth products


Today I heard the news from television that one of online medical journal has revealed the result which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States from the drug that for treat glaucoma that not even treat glaucoma but also has properties to grow hair on the head. That is officially turned green light for the person who suffer from hair loss. This medicine helps growth eyelashes longer as the advertising but according to a recent study found that it also makes hair grow from a head truly. For this good news by a researcher Continue Reading →

Hair growth


My friend got a haircut yesterday but it is too shot. He won’t happy about the result after done haircut at all. He comes with the funny research but they are facts which have been proved. They are natural methods not a magic. Let’s see what he got. Make hair grow faster by hair exercising. Hair root is full with blood vessels and nerves cells that have a very fast growth rate. If they have been boosted, hair will able to grow quickly. And also bowing head lower and stay at that level 30 seconds and lift up slowly. Doing Continue Reading →

Hair Loss Treatment


When talking about hair, somebody is lucky that she has a beautiful hair, natural conditions. Many people do not. In the few years ago, medicine has made the powerful stride in the hair loss treatment process. You can notice from the classic cartoon, like Pink panther, Mickey Mouse even Pop Eye had joke about the bald which it means this hair loss problem has come for the long time.  Medicine can help the growth the hair named Propecia is the first drug in history that effective on baldness. Minoxidil is the first drug approved by the FDA for the treatment Continue Reading →

Hair Loss Products


I was the one who had hair loss problem. Fall rate was high like when used fingers to comb my hair, it would come up with dozens of hairs. I was scare and left my hair like that. Didn’t touch, never comb. There were a lot of hair loss products in the market. I tried many of them. Which one that was good from any review or any advice from my friends. I tried them all. But they still fell off, sticked on the shirt. I loss confident and it made me stress but after I did this, they came Continue Reading →

Why You are Losing Your Hair?


Why You are Losing Your Hair? Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to a loss of hair from the head. Actually, the hair will head up about 100,000 lines and hair loss usually 50-100 lines a day. Generally, the natural hair will last for approximately 3 years to produce a keratin to replace old hair 1 Cm. per month, sometime has gradually ceased to grow with new line grow, then the Keratinized Cells to fall out within a period of 3 of month, which is a cycle of indefinitely. But, what kind of hair loss are not Continue Reading →