How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally


how to get rid of dandruff So one day you are all prepared with a nice get up. Then suddenly, you can see some white flakes sprinkled evenly on your shoulder. What is worst is that you cannot wear clothes with dark shades to keep these flakes from showing up. Well, apparently having dandruff is the worst problem you could ever have. This has been also the problem of a lot of people around the globe which may be traced from drying of the scalp and fungus on head. You might scream out how to get rid of dandruff but Continue Reading →

home remedies for dandruff (dry scalp)


home remedies for dandruff (dry scalp) Dandruff is something really bothering. Aside from the obvious white flakes that you cannot just hide, it comes also to be overly itchy. But you cannot just have the itch all your life. Try these ways on home remedies for dandruff. Have this routine every day and you may not notice it but dandruff will eventually find its way out. Dandruff comes as a result of dry scalp. In some cases, it can be traced from fungi that dwell on your head. Basically, moisturizing hair and getting rid of these fungi are the draw Continue Reading →

Kitchen Essentials that You Can Use to Get Rid of Dandruff


get rid of dandruff One day you might be all tidied up for an important appointment when suddenly, white flakes came scattered around your suit. Now you have just been counted as one of the people who suffer from the most common scalp condition – dandruff. But before you freak out, just remember that there are kitchen products you can use to get rid of dandruff. To the kitchen! Now! You might come to enjoy yogurt together with drinks and even with your favorite dessert. But did you know that this yummy treat can be used to get rid of Continue Reading →

Important Points to Remember in Getting Rid of Dandruff


getting rid of dandruff Getting rid of dandruff may need a lot of work to succeed. The key towards completely erasing it from the scene is to have routine treatment regime. But aside from this fact, there are certain points to remember to find success in getting rid of dandruff. Dandruff comes because the scalp sheds off dead skin cells. This means that the scalp is all dry. You ways in getting rid of dandruff primarily should be focused on making sure that the scalp does not dry off. So for this, you need some sort of moisture by washing Continue Reading →

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fast


How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fast Dandruff is really a mess. Aside from obviously ruining your style by appearing like sprinkled dust on your shoulder, it comes so itchy that you could not help but scratch it. It even goes more disappointing when you are caught in the crowd. Maybe, for the one who had self-esteem problems because of dandruff, the thought of how to get rid of dandruff fast may have crossed the mind several times. But is this really possible? Yes this is actually possible. There are ways on how to get rid of dandruff fast but Continue Reading →

Make First Impression with Clear Dandruff


“Wait.. Wait.. Please Wait, Madam! I saw something on your shoulder, here it is a dandruff you’ll should to meet the dermatologist”  OH..GOD!! Who is want to listen of conversation that!? It has make no confidence and west your first impression when you have ever met a handsome man or girl! We should be serious get rid of dandruff, right!!? !!? But, first we should be know about “dandruff”, there’s come from and how do I get rid dandruff out! What is a dandruff? It is a nap or splinter, you can see a dandruff on roots of hair or Continue Reading →