Tea Industrial!

Tea Industrial!

It was already known. The tea has been popular as water.  The most people like the taste and smell of it for relax and it has many benefits such as help the brain fresh, prevent Alzheimer disease. In addition, some types of tea as anchan tea, Mulberry tea and the sweet grass tea also contains antioxidant benefits has reduce cholesterol in the body, inhibits cancer and diabetes as well.

In fact, tea is divided roughly into 6 types as white tea, yellow tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea and Pu’er tea. All types of tea can be made from the same tea plant. But through a different process out and we are currently familiar with tea as jasmine tea, pea, etc. Current, there are more tea came as a tea mix.


Tea mix occurred due to the tea before transporting by ship to England a very long time (over 180 days), which is sent to make tea was not fresh. The initiative blending tea leaves but not very much popular because the British like more traditional tastes. The sailing ship was used to transport the tea which can be up to 99 days to England.

Indeed, the tea was first discovered about 4000 years ago, and the majority of production and consumption in China. The first time, it was used as a drug but thanks for the high priests of China until monk. They was drinking to prevent sleep during meditation.

Tea tree has the scientific name: Camellia sinensis plant leaves and shoots to produce Chinese tea in the genus Camellia and in Theaceae such as white tea, green tea, oolong tea and black tea was harvested from a plant species at all. The different manufacturing process, the level of oxidation different loan spells erosion (Kukicha) made from the same type of tea, but instead leaves, branches and stems. There are two varieties of Chinese tea and Assam tea.


The popularity of tea was more prevalent locally become an exporter and eventually developed into the industry.

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