Tea package!

Tea package!

Currently, tea was still very popular. Since was a unique group until people are able to drink tea. In the tea industry at present on the packaging attractive to the market, which mainly, it will be divided as follows:


Loose Tea: Tea is packed in cans or sealed containers. The maker can measure the amount of dry tea leaves as needed. The maker must have a device to filter out waste tea.


Compressed Tea: Dry tea leaves that are packed for easy storage Pu-Erh type teas in particular. It has been compressed into bales. When you will be to use, you should use knife to remove the tea comes out in quantity. Compressed tea can be stored longer than normal because of the dry tea leaves that can be exposed to the air less.


Tea Sticks: Tea is packed for consumption in the new format. Stick this tea originated in Holland by Venezia Trading Company has been producing tea bar called “Ticolino” which is packed bars for one at tea containing green tea or herbal teas or flavor as desired. Help is put tea into the glass rod. Pour hot water to soak for 90 seconds to extract the flavor of the tea leaves inside out. Then the little people then pull the rod out tea.


Instant Tea: The product is available as a powder or flakes dissolved. The extracted compounds in tea leaves into tea concentrates. Tea concentrate is dried solids by spraying a solution of concentrated tea hot or cold air through evaporation under vacuum to remove water. When it comes to drinking water soluble instant tea. It has convenience of consumers instant tea can be produced using mechanical harvesting more. Can be conveniently transported to consumer countries, reducing transportation costs such as nest-tea etc.


Tea Bags: A tea bag paper bag or small. The advantages of the tea bag simple and easy to brew but there are disadvantages air can pass out exposure to air dry tea leaves which lose flavor quickly and easily. The tea leaves were packed are mostly low-grade tea. However, some manufacturers also make a difference to the product with tea bag packing tea leaves into a fine tea bags. Consumers can be observed from a different lot.


Ready-to-Drink Teas: the production of tea filling carbon dioxide Plain tea, the fill color and scent tea as the smell of lemon flavor was strawberry peach etc. Sometimes additional sugar packed in cans or bottles. Make it easy to consume. This type of tea is popular with teenagers, especially those countries with hot weather and drink iced tea.


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