The Best of Treating Acne through Home Remedy

at home remedies for acne

Acne has the ability to cause a livid design on the skin, and can be quite a pesky problem. Although it may be a common skin condition, acne may be quite hard to remove or removal may come with some very unpleasant effects such as scarring and infection from open wounds. At home remedies for acne, everything is possible to be treated when it comes in your acne problem. Papules, blackheads and whiteheads characterize this skin conditions and can cover a large part of the skin depending on the severity of the condition. With more severe conditions painful cysts are experienced and this may lead to scarring of the skin. The acne lesions mostly appear on the face and thus may affect one’s comfort to a great sense. They may also occur in various other sensitive body parts causing a great deal of unpleasant feeling.

There are so many available choices of skin care products in the market but at home remedies for acne, it’s all safe and can save a lot of money that you can do with surgical operation. This is the reason why numbers of teenagers as well as adult use the advantage and benefits at home remedies for acne provides, for they all know that with this kind of treatment for acne great percent of possible good result to diminished acne scar is achievable.

At home remedies for acne may include a wide range of organic products which not only deal with the acne problem but also nourish your skin. This includes tea tree oil and green tea. Green tea has an advantage over the other types since it is not fermented but steamed as soon as it is taken from the farm, thus its medicinal property. Topical application of tea tree oil to the acne lesions includes diluting the oil and bestowing it on the wound such that it will melt and be removed from the skin without scarring the surface. The constituents of the oil include terpinen-4-ol that acts as an antibiotic. This deals with the anaerobic activity of the bacteria causing the lesions inhibiting their activities. The bacteria are therefore killed by the oils application and the skin salved from any further damage.

Food that supplies the body with zinc minerals is also good for your diet and will help in nourishing the skin therefore minimizing the effect of the acne lesions on your skin. Since antibiotic medication is quite an effective method to deal with the acne condition it is worth coupling the zinc nutrients with the use of this medication. Zinc must be used in moderation since it may otherwise cause copper deficiency. Other effects include a metallic taste left in the mouth and stomach cramps. It may therefore be advisable to use placebo tablets. Drinking water in adequate amounts at home remedies for acne can also help stave off unpleasant acne conditions assisting in the re-hydration of the skin and thus its repair. With re – hydration the skin’s underlying scales are regenerated enabling replacement of the affected ones.


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