The Best Remodeling Deal Ever with Rehab Addict’s Minnehaha House

Minnehaha House

Rehab Addict is DIY Network’s house make over show. It is not the usual home make over show as it deals with old historic homes. The show reveals the good in remodeling old homes with regards to its historical value.

One of the touching stories linked with the show is the Minnehaha House. It is an arts and crafts style home that is built in the 1900s. You can tell that it has rich history as it has stood there for a long time. However, the sad fact is that this house comes to be in line with the houses to be demolished in Minnesota. Good thing, Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis managed to save the house.

Nicole uses her own money in her home remodeling projects. This has left her rather short in resources too. But with her working buy-remodel-sell business, she managed to get the show standing. Minnehaha House is a huge project. This is not just an old house but a MANSION. Yet, for her, money is not something to consider if you really want what you are doing and if it means preserving homes. She is really obsessed about saving homes on the demolition list and has actually brought matters to the government just to get the house she aims to save.

Good thing she had her chances on the Minnehaha house. Remodeling preserved the original features of the house with a touch of modernity and elegance. Watching the house before and after may leave you entangled with disbelief. It is like she has magic of some sort in transforming house specifically this mansion.

Dominantly, the home is painted with white. The paint has somewhat made the place look cleaner and newer. To break the monotony of the rather boring paint, the house is dashed with furniture in black and neutral colors. The complimenting colors bring out an elegant finish.

The marble works is also something worth praising. The kitchen is floored with marble that is overly elegant. The bathroom floor has been made with marbles too. Just imagine how costly this project is with the use of such premium tiles.

Fall in love with the elegant French doors that may help the new home owner connect to the past on how this house has once been an artsy piece of architecture. Just right down the French windows that the house is surrounded, a bench that doubles as a shoe rack on a walk in closet greets viewers with elegance and utility.

After the project, the Minnehaha house is brought to the market at a selling price of roughly $850 000. It is almost impossible for an old house to have a value that is as high as this but it has come possible through the efforts of Nicole Curtis herself. It is never a question whether this property might sell or not as the host says because what is important is that this Minnehaha house has been saved from possible demolition that might have swept away all the memories that this historic house has in store.

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