The Magic of Home Remodeling with rehab addict , rehab addict cancelled , drug rehab centers in kentucky , addict rehab , alcohol rehab columbus ohio

rehab addict , rehab addict cancelled , drug rehab centers in kentucky , addict rehab , alcohol rehab columbus ohio

Reality shows seem to dominate the television as new shows revolve around such style. One of the most popular reality shows in television today is Rehab Addict.

At first glance, the title Rehab addict may give a person the idea that it is a reality show linked with persons who are in the rehab who are struggling to finally get rid of the vice. But, this is not a reality show about people. This is in fact a show about real estate.

Rehab Addict is a show which tends to rehabilitate homes. What is so unique about the show is that it rehabilitates not just usual homes but old, historic homes. The challenge is actually greater because there are lots of things to restore to make these old houses look like new. Yet, this is possible and this is what magnets the viewers to the show. The idea of making an old house look like new is just so magical.

The success of Rehab Addict is mainly because of their staffs who are experts on this craft. The host alone is a celebrated expert on the field of real estate, Nicole Curtis. She is a licensed realtor and interior designer which explain why the results of the makeover are always leaving viewers drooling.

Nicole Curtis really takes time to look for houses in Minneapolis and Detroit to make over. Houses with rich history are often the targets of the show. This is because these houses are really worth upgrading. The history alone is worth the idea of restoration.

The magical transformation of each house is really overwhelming. A person will just be left glued on the show because of the transformation that may look so impossible one may think it is magical. But this is only because of the magical hands and the promising ideas of the designers headed by Nicole Curtis.

The show is aired in DIY network and can be watched from 10 to 11:30 PM. Encore broadcasts can also be availed. But for those who will miss the episodes on television, there are online streaming too. This way, no one will really miss the happenings in the show.

With the team of experts running the show, there are more that the show has in store for the viewers. Truly, it is something worth watching as it inspires home owners who have literally dying houses to restore homes because there is still hope that it will be turned to a good property. Furthermore, the show opens the mind of viewers that trash can truly be transformed to riches.

Generally, this is a show to watch for. There are still a lot of things to discover on the show and a lot of inspiration too. As the show continues to run, there are more and more transformations worth watching. If you are someone who is longing for a house remodeling, this can be a good show to get the inspiration from. You may even get free interior design tips to start with.

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