The Warning Signs to Seek Medical Help for Sore Gums


When gums are affected, pain always radiates on the head area. Head area has just a level of sensitivity that would cause discomforts. This would even affect the activities of the person. Yet, this goes just temporary as sore gums would only last for a week. But when it progresses to a certain level, it can pose potential risks. Here are some of the warning signs that you need to watch for when you have sore gums for it may become serious.

The first thing to watch for is the time when the sore gums progress after a week. When it comes to exist for like 3 weeks or more, you should seek medical help. Sore gums are self-limiting condition which means that it can just disappear even without management. But if it does appear for more than a week, it can be something serious.

Watch out if the sore is spreading on the mouth. Sore gums would actually come localized. It does not spread in certain areas which means that when it comes extending its premises, it is caused by something serious. When it extremely goes big, it can be an indication too that you need to take steps. Usually, a sore can just be as big as the bottom of an eraser in a pencil. If it goes bigger than this, you should be alerted already.

Fever is one of the indications that you already need to seek medical help. Though fever is a normal reaction of the body when there is infection, it is an indicator that something is not working well inside the body. Seek help especially when canker sores begin to appear. Sores that are round, greyish or whitish with reddish border is what canker sore is.

If you have been taking measures to help alleviate the pain that you are feeling but do not actually do its purpose, you need to consult your dentist already. Usually, eating soft foods or cold foods will greatly help get rid of the pain. But, when it does not disappear, chances are you have got some serious condition inside the body. Consult your doctor too if pain relievers do not ease the pain you are feeling.

Finally, if you are already experiencing body malaise and sluggishness, it is the time when you seriously need attention. Sluggishness may mean that the bacteria inside the body have already got in your system. This is to watch for because it is the best indicator that you are on a serious condition already.

A simple sore gum can progress to serious conditions. How is this possible? It can be that proper oral hygiene is not practiced. When there is already a sore on your gums, bacteria has the biggest chance of invading the body. Also, the progression of this simple condition may be caused by some serious underlying conditions such as Celiac disease and Crohn’s disease. These conditions should be taken in consideration first before sore gums completely disappear.

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