What inside is the loose tea?

What inside is the loose tea?

Loose tea, when talking about this. We can’t deny it, the tea is a beverage that most people choose. The tea was second of water. The most popular drink hotter than iced tea. Loose tea has been a cause of war 2 times and it is a comparable social status.


The most country in the world like to drink tea. It is England!! Briton drink a lot of tea of average around 90% if the comparison is about 2 kilograms per year while China drinking a half kilogram per year. British was drinking tea in large quantities but how is a quantity? The answer is more people in Europe combined.

Why loose tea is popular? Because the tea has have a properties makes relaxation. Loose tea has caffeine but not energy while the other drinks has an energy cause is why you are fat. Also reduces risk of heart disease. Reduce fats in the blood, helps to reduce bad breath, digestion fortify strength and reduce symptoms of depression.


Tea was divided roughly 6 types as white tea, yellow tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea and Pu’er tea. All types of tea can be made from the same tea plant but through a different process out. And tea was quite sensitive to the season and a change of geography. That was each year the tea that, produced does not taste the same each year. While consumers want to taste the same every year.


Although, loose tea has many properties. In fact, drinking loose tea helps benefit the body. The options are simple and Islamic, miracle. Whatever the style or tasty. You should not drink tea before you go to bed and you do not drink it after a meal or eat along the way. Retrieve the full potential of tea as well. You should drink about 2-3 hours after a meal. Pregnant women, children younger than 3 years old or menstruating should not drink tea because loose tea (especially low quality) combines with the nutrients that are beneficial. Such as iron, which will be the cause of malnutrition.

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