When the windshield is broken!!

When the windshield is broken!!

Have you a problems when traveling to the provincial and lookout wayside, it has have full color green, but your eye, in front of a wheeled truck load with sand, soil, rock wool! And thoughtlessness of someone was appeared a shroud! They were breaking over my windshield, OH MY GOD!! In addition to the lawsuit that was to come after insurance. But the windshield was broke, what should I do?

First of all, you must be conscious, then you need known, what kind of the windshield are you?

The Temper: when the windshield was broke like a corn, you can’t see anything. If you live in the city, you can go the service center or company about specialist windshield, but if not! You must be bring out of windshield’s gobbet by use remnant of cloth or wastepaper prop up of the console, then use a stick to push it down and slow down, look for service center. Drivers beware of muck blown your eyes.

The laminate: when the windshield was broke a spot, but the breaks over of glass, you have been visible of street. It is qualification which developed into traditional. It has had 2 glass stacked, in the middle is a thin film made of glass press-up. If there was broke windshield, still go on.

It’s not easy, when you have to drive in invisible. Then you should be turn off the air conditioning, turn the ignition off and bring up the window. This is prevent the wind strike while driving inside the car because the car has have full the air. If you checked everything has been shipshape. You can turn the ignition on, but do not turn on the air conditioner. Don’t to speed up, if you really want to help for someone. You should choose safety the parking for yourself


Finally, if you need to change a new windshield, should be as a “laminate” which is safer than “Tempered” and don’t forget look for reliable or warranty repair!


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